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Weekender: Robyn Nichol, 16, student

I love the Clash. They sang about things other people were reluctant to talk about such as youth unemployment and racism, Authentic Prada Factory Outlet Online they stood up for what they believed in, and their image is so cool: a bit military, a bit punk. I model myself Authentic Prada Trainers on them. I found this jacket on eBay for a tenner. Someone had already painted the names of the Clash songs White Riot and 1977 on the back.

No one else at school dresses like this. They’re mainly into chart music. They Black Prada Bag With Gold think I’m a bit weird, and I get comments. Sometimes it affects me and I think, “Am I doing About Prada Apertura Outlet Prada Montevarchi Products the right thing?” But I know I shouldn’t care. I’ve found my own female punk icons to inspire me – Soo Catwoman and Jordan from Vivienne Westwood’s SEX boutique.

I mostly go to gigs with my mum and dad – they’re into the same music Authentic Prada Shoes Sale as me. We saw New Order in Manchester recently. When the band played a few Joy Division numbers, everyone went insane. Next up is the Buzzcocks, then the Strummer of Love festival with my friend Molly in August.

I met Molly through tumblr. That’s how I know most of my friends. I have a blog called paulsimononsteeth.tumblr.com homesite, where I post pictures of bands and old punk stuff. People who Authentic Prada Online Shop like similar things follow me, and I follow them. We message each other, make friends on Facebook, then meet up. I haven’t had any bad experiences Authentic Prada Black Prada Bag With Gold Hardware Clutch Best Prada Outlet In Milan – they’ve always been who they said they were.

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